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My mother wanted to celebrate her birthday with picking flowers at nursery garden Overhagen. They have a piece of land sown with flowers, which you are allowed to pick at a small fee. Picking flowers is one of my favorite summer activities, so I couldn’t wish for a better party. Thank you mom for inviting me :-)



In this last post about graduation 2014 I want to show you the work of my classmates. Please have a look at their website, or for a more detailed look at their final projects visit this site.

Thanks classmates for an inspiring couple of years!

1. Charlotte Peys
2. Joke Dieleman
3. Sander Burm
4. Esther Bleyenberg
5. Toyah De Corte
6. Franciska-Jacoba Dendooven
7. Loes De Gendt
8. Shuxian Lee
9. Heike Sofia Villavicencio Rammeloo

To get an impression of the work of the fine arts students at KASK, check this blog post at Verfhuid.



My graduation project is all about making a book: from (re)writing and illustrating a fable, to printing text and images myself. It is a long, intense, instructive and fascinating process, which hasn’t come to an end yet. During the graduation exhibition I showed a sample copy of the book Schobbejacques en de 7 geiten. This sample gives a good impression of  the final book, but still has some white pages waiting to be printed with illustrations. 

Above a little preview. I’ll keep you informed about the progress… 



Hooray! I’m graduated from the School of Arts / KASK with a master in illustration!

The pictures above give you an impression of the graduation exhibition, where I showed the process of making the book Schobbejacques en de 7 geiten and a sample copy of the book itself (more about that in the next blog post). I was happy that I could transform a beautiful little room into my own Knollenland (Turnipland), the world in which my fable about 7 goats takes place.

Thank you everyone who came by.
Thank you for your lovely comments and support.

Wow!Thank you for supporting my crowdfunding campaign and making my fairytale come true!

Thank you for supporting my crowdfunding campaign and making my fairytale come true!


Three versions of one illustration. It was a hard decision to make but the final version has been printed now. It will remain a surprise how that one turned out…


Two weeks of printing at MIAT: the textual / typographical part of my book is ready! Now continue with the illustrations …


The process of typesetting my story in museum MIAT, with the help of volunteer Alfred Biliet and the linotype machine. To get an impression of this wonderful machine, watch (the trailer of) Linotype: the film

fun fact:
Alfred and I differ exactly half a century in age.

(last picture: my name in Ludlow matrices)



I made some test prints on a bunch of paper samples. These sheets show me essential information to choose the right paper for my book. I made my decision and ordered a large pile… 


The last few months were completely devoted to my graduation. It is almost time to start printing the book I’m working on for almost two years… So exciting!

To finance the production of the book, I started a crowdfunding campaign on Liesbeth Eeckman made a nice animation with my illustrations. (Above some screenshots.) To see the full animation and to make your donation, please visit this page: (Unfortunately the book is only available in Dutch, as is the crowdfunding campaign.)

Thank you for your support!